Claire Tatangelo, BFA

Toronto Artist - Graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design (2015)

Hello and welcome to my website! 

If you connect with my work and would like to live with it, I sell all my original work pictured in my collections. If I havent sold it and still have the work the price is listed beneath the image,  along with the title and sizing information (in inches). If you see "NFS" that means the work is not for sale, that it has already been sold or made its journey out of the studio  or I no longer have it or painted over it - but everything else is available. If you are interested in forming a lasting and valuable relationship with art you love, please email me. I also am willing to work for commissions as well. Prints of my paintings will be available soon! 

As we all experience the world in unique ways, painting allows me to start a dialogue between what I have experienced, felt and understand about human connection through the fluid versatility of material. I am inspired greatly by observational drawing and organic form, such as anatomy and nature. The changing meaning of the work between individual interpretations and reactions is what intrigues me the most after its completion; I encourage others to see the value of diverse meaning, emotional release, and personal histories and bring their own readings to the work. My personal interactions and visualizations of what emotions are brings the subjects (through painting) into being.

Below are some pictures that I collect of different projects in progress and reference/inspiration photos, which are displayed regularly on my Instagram feed.

Thank you for visiting - for inquiries about collaboration or commissions, let me know! 




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